About me

Who am I?

Hi!. I am Diego Martínez Ballesteros, Java Web Application Developer from Gijón, Asturias (Spain).

What do I do in my spare time?

  • Sports: I love doing any sport. In October 2006 I started training Karate (Shotokan), but since January 2016 I'm in a kind of pause. I really enjoy sailing, no doubt it's one of my biggest passions (I have the Coastal Skipper since 2012 and I'm currently working to get one of the Yatchmaster certificates from RYA). In 2016 a joined Premier Tri, a triathlon club from Southwest London and, at the moment, training with them is how I spent most of my spare time.
  • Traveling: Although I love my county (Asturias) I also love traveling and enjoying new places and new ways of life. You can read about some of my trips in the section in the World. At this moment, the place where I have been that I have liked the most has been Scotland, mainly the HighLand and specially Skye Island). I have also enjoyed a lot when I was in the USA: New York, San Francisco (I think that I felt in love with this city), Yosemite, Monterey and Vegas
  • Conputers: I have always liked computers, but I have to admit that, since I spend 8 hours per day working with them, I try to avoid using my laptop in my spare time. I am a Open Source advocate, I like GNU/Linux and especially Debian. On the other hand, I like mobile phones (mainly Android) and almost anything with chips and LCD displays