First week living and working in London

06 Jul
Published by ballesterosdm

disfrutando del buen tiempo en Battersea Park

It seems like it was just yesterday when I was talking about the change of scenery, but it was almost 2 months ago.

This week I started to work in Cisco. Well, I have not worked a lot because it was an induction / adaptation week, but it was my first week in the office. During this week the feelings with the coleagues, the job and the environment have been great, although I was remembering CTIC from time to time (mainly some people that I miss a lot).

I am also getting use to the life in London. The flat where I am living is very nice (pictures here) and it is located in a great place, very close to a big park (park pictures). Weather these days is also amazing, much better than expected, and I have been told that it was also very nice in June

Along the week, I was finishing with the paperwok, I think that the only task that remains in my TODO list is the GP registration. Regarding my English level... Well, I keep on trying ;)

In summary I would say that this week has been very positive and I hope the same for the next ones... a couple of days ago a colleague told me that 99% of people love London, maybe she was right.

I will keep on reporting...