Round the World Yacht Thrill

01 Sep
Published by ballesterosdm

Myself taking the  Clipper 60 helm

24th August, 0500 in the morning, the alarm is beeping, the sun has not raised yet and I have just realized that I will spent more time on the road that the time that I have spent sleeping. Why? Because that was the day that I had scheduled to enjoy the Round the world Yacht Thrill that my former colleagues from CTIC gave me when I left the company.

Destiny: Hamble. According to Google Maps arrive in Hamble from my home will take about 3 hours, I had to be in the Marina at 0930 so lets go. I left my home early, I took the bus to Clapham Junction where I bought the tickets for the train... OK, nothing was going wrong, I was on the train to Southamptom, mission accomplished. What?? I have to pay a supplement because I am in the first class coach!! (ok, I should have read the note in the seat, but it was so comfortable....). More than an hour later I was in Southampton: orange juice, coffee, brownie, 45 minutes waiting, taking another train and 30 minutes after that I was in Hamble thinking "OK, time enough". A bit later, I realized that I had to walk about 3Km along a narrow road to the marina. It took longer than expected, but finally I was there, just in time. Sunscreen, cap and everything was ready to enjoy the day.

In the office, a brief explanation about the experience and the next minute we were walking to the ship, an amazing Clipper 60. I had never sailed in a boat as big as that one. Once in the ship, basic concepts about security and we set the sails. Everything was ready to start.

The first 30 minutes I was a bit confused because everyone was talking too fast and I didn't know the jargon, but a bit later I was used to the environment and I really started to enjoy the experience. It was awesome. Nice weather and the wind speed was about 20 knots. We did a lot of tacks and jibes, took reefs, and we also changed several times the headsails (by the way, it was my first time sailing with the staysail)... I learnt a lot of things and also a new set of words to add to my vocabulary.

I tried to find out a way to start sailing periodically in London, but the truth is that I didn't receive useful information. Anyway, despite of the distance and the boring hours on the train, I would suggest this experience, it was great... now I am trying to do it again with some colleagues.

I am sure you don't want me to write about how I came back to London... you can guess how it was.

Pictures available in: the album that I have created in Google+


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