Training in London

25 Dec
Published by ballesterosdm

This month (December 2013) I have started training karate in the Budokai, the dojo where Ohta Sensei is giving lessons.

Although I've been training only for a few weeks, the feelings are really good so far. I like how the lessons are scheduled, how the training is conducted and I am feeling really comfortable (maybe because I missed training so much). One of the main reasons why I feel really comfortable when I am training in the dojo is that I can feel the strange "IKEA effect", wherever you were (Gijón, London...) IKEA is always IKEA. Anyway, I have to admit that I miss my sensei (Ricardo) and my training mates a lot.

In the Budokai all the students are registered under the JKA. Since I've never got a degree in the JKA, I am wearing again the white belt and I have to admit that I like it. I remember Ricardo telling us that every time we are training we should do it as if we were still wearing the white belt, I am actually doing it now and I really like it, it's good to start again "from the scratch" and remind the most basic things.

I'll keep on reporting....


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