Welcome to Enmimismado!! (I am sorry, but I have not found a word to translate enmimismado... and, by the way, its a word that does not even exist in Spanish)

If you are wondering what this page is about, the answer is very easy: is about me and about the things that are in my mind and I want to share with the world

enmimismado.es is the evolution of my previous blog, a blog without a real purpose where I did no usually write :-/. Some years ago I received a good offer to register this domain (including hosting) and I wanted to take advantage of it to experiment with new things and technologies.

How is this place built

The server where the page is hosted is a GNU/Linux, the Database is MySQL and the CMS Drupal. And, of course, I am also using GNU/Linux and Open Source tools in my computer to edit this page or whatever I had to do.

How to colaborate

As I said before, I would like to play with new technologies and I am open to new ideas, critics or suggestions. You can find my contact information in the cotact page.