Why do I like working from home?

06 Mar
Published by ballesterosdm

First of all, I would like to explain that I really enjoy the office environment: I like having people around to talk, coffee / tea breaks, foosball.... and being honest, nowadays I wouldn't like to be forced to work from home day after day, I'm sure I would miss the colleagues. However, I actually love being able to work from home whenever I want.

The main reason why I like it, is because the office is usually too noisy and distractions are all around. When I have to be really focus on a task, I feel much more productive working from home. A couple of years ago I started using the pomodoro technique, I don't know if you have tried to apply it in the office... if so, you will be tired of explaining people what it's about and asking them to wait for the proper moment to be served =). Anyway, most of times explanations are pretty useless :(

A few days ago, a collegue sent me a video of Jason Fried talking about this same problem... in fact, this is the main reason for writting this post.

Enjoy it!




I see you liked the video ;) .. I've just found the blog via your Google+, nice one! And I'm a bit intrigued by the multilingual feature of it, do yo actually translate everything?

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Of course I liked the video. Thanks!

I don't usually update the blog... I'm too lazy, but from time to time I write something.

About the translation, yes, I have to translate everything. I tried once one of those "plugins for translation" but the result was event worse than my English :D