Wrapping up a good season

22 Dec
Published by ballesterosdm

I started 2017 with a very simple goal, just training for fun. I had decided not taking part in many races but, as always, in the end, it was just the opposite, I raced more than any other season and it turned out to be my best year since I started my triathlon adventure.

In January the plan was pretty clear, train hard and race my first Mid-Distance triathlon with my brother. In our calendar, the V Desafio Pastor Islas Cies. This was meant to be the one and only race in the season, but as time passed, I became easy to convince to sign up for more and more events. Fortunately, training paid off and this year I beat all my personal bests. Among all races, I would like to highlight the following:

London Triathlon - Olympic Plus distance (1.5 Km swim, 80 Km ride, 10 Km run). After the bad experience I had last year in the Olympic distance, this year I decided to give a try at the Olympic Plus, to use this race to get prepare for the Half Ironman. Unlike last year, I beat some PBs in this one, it was my best Open Water swim to that moment (28:13 @ 1:53), and my best ride as well (2:29 @ 32.12 kph). It was also my best time in the “always-bizarre” London Triathlon running circuit (40:37 @ 4:04).

Dorney Triathlon - Sprint distance (750 m swim, 20 Km bride, 5 Km run)
A very good race with an even better way back home full of adventures and uncertainties. Thanks Gemma for making me do it! From this race I want to highlight that it’s my best time in the distance so far (1h 7m) and my PB at 5 Km run (17:32 @ 3:39), which is surprising because that time is even better than my best time “just running” 5 Km, without stressing my body with swimming and cycling before the run.

5 Km River Ardur Swim (5 Km). No doubts this was the best event I did this season, I enjoyed it as a child. A very good experience and a very good time that I won’t even bother to mention because swimming with the tide makes things much easier.

2 miles Serpentine Swim (3.2 Km Swim). The main reason to participate in this race was taking the first step towards The London Classics. It took me 1h 04m, way slower than I had expected, but it wasn’t bad, earlier this year I would have signed for a time like that without second thoughts (what am I saying!? Earlier this year I hadn’t believed that I would be able to swim 3.2 Km in Open Water and not dying in the attempt!). Fun fact, after the race I was shivering for longer than I was swimming, if you don’t trust me, just have a look at this video.

V Desafío Pastor Ilas Cíes (1.9 Km swim, 90 Km ride, 21 Km run). A very good race full of anecdotes and frustrations. It wasn't only my first Mid-Distance triathlon, it was also the first time I ran a half marathon (not even training I had run the distance before!). We were targeting a very optimistic sub 5h, but in the end it was 5h 11m, that could have probably been less than 5 if not because, as a good newbie travelling with my bike, I didn’t check it properly before the race and I ended up with my rear wheel half-braked (thanks Berto for your support and not giving up on me during my agony!). We ran a very good half marathon, with very good sensations and a time better than we had expected (1h 32m @ 4:23). During the run, we were feeling well and even chatting, which sort of annoyed other participants that were kindly asking us to work a bit harder. It was also my best swimming pace ever (1.9 Km @ 1:47), well, leaving apart the 5 Km swimming with the tide


I have no doubts that, sports-wise, it has been a great year (I can only compare it with the year I got my first Karate dan). Training with people alike with similar goals makes everything simpler and funnier.

What’s next? I don’t know, next season is a mystery. For now, it’s time to rest and wait, because “winter is coming”.