A year later

29 May
Published by ballesterosdm

I know, I haven't lived a year in London yet, but I left mi former work at Fundación CTIC just a year ago and I really think that this is the proper moment to share some of the things that I have learnt during this time:

  • I remember my last day in CTIC like a sad one, it wasn't easy to say goodbye to 8 and a half years of my life, but I have to admit that I felt better very soon and in a short period of time I was adapted to my new life. Changes are not so difficult as they might look.
  • Friends are neither created nor destroyed they are only transformed. During this time I've realized how difficult is to keep in contact with friends when you are living away. On the one hand because I'm usually quite busy here and on the other hand because the people just carry on with their life, but the thing is that at the end of the day the job is not done. Anyway, in this city is pretty easy to know people and it's amazing how people that I've met for the first time a few months ago seem like if they had been always there.
  • IKEA effect: once you have established your routine (for me things such as, working, training, sailing?) it doesn't matter where you are, you are at home.
  • From the business point of view, I would just said that my eyes have been opened. It's possible to do things in a different and much better way. I can see how things that in Spain were like unmentionable are done here and they work (I could provide some examples, but I don't want to hurt anyone).
  • Talking to people from different cultures and knowing different ways of live (even things that from my point of view should never happen) makes you think in a different way and opens your mind.
  • It's possible to ride a bike in London and keep alive (so far) :P. I'll write later on about biking in London, I think it deserves its own post.

That's all, no more thoughts. I'll keep reporting.